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Women with No Recourse to Public Funds - Destituition Domestic Violence (DDV) Concession

As of the 1st April 2012 a new policy was introduced replacing the Sojourner Project, this ended on 31st March 2012.  The new policy will provide women who are eligible to make an application to stay permanently in the UK under the Domestic Violence Immigration Rule (Settlement DV), with limited leave to remain in the UK.

"No Recourse to Public Funds" is a condition of certain immigration status in the UK, where people travelling to the UK on various visas often have limited or no access to public funds such as welfare benefits and public housing services.  The UKBA have put in place provision if you are here on a spousal visa and you are experiencing domestic abuse.  If you recquire support to discuss any of these issues, or support to talk about your experiences you can drop-in to our office for information and support.  Alternatively you can call us on 952-8118.  We can arrange support to access interpreting services. 

To access limited leave to remain women will need to complete the notification form Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence (DDV).  The form can be downloaded from the UK Border Agency website at

Completed forms shoul be e-mailed to

You can get more information about the Domestic Violence Immigration Rule and about help for Domestic Violence victims from the UKBA website