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A refuge is a place where women and children who  want to escape domestic abuse can stay. It is a place where women can have  time and space to make decisions free from fear and pressure. Clydebank Womens Aid  work to  provide safe refuge to women, children and young people.

Our refuge is an ordinary house or flat, it is not  a hostel, and all  women and children living in Women's Aid refuges have also experienced or witnessed domestic abuse.

You  can contact us directly if you need refuge or want to discuss refuge.  Sometimes women are referred to Women's Aid by a range of agencies such as the police, social work ,their GP etc.

Unfortunately our  accommodation has no wheelchair access at present. If you require wheelchair access we will look for suitable refuge or temporary accommodation for  you. Our office base is accessible to people who use wheelchairs.  Our refuge has resources available for women  who have hearing and sight impairments, and CWA is committed to ensuring our refuge is as welcolming and  accessible as possible

The refuge accommodation we provide consists of communally shared flats. Each flat  has private bedrooms and shared living/kitchen facilities.  If we are able to offer you a space you would  have a private room for you and your children under 16 years old. If your  children are over 16 we can discuss options with you. In the refuge, kitchen  and bathroom facilities would be shared with 2 other women/families sharing the  flat.Each flat has 3 bedrooms, two  bathroom/shower rooms and 1 kitchen/living space.

The refuge flats are comfortably  decorated with good facilities. Bedroom sizes vary and where possible are  allocated based on the needs of the individual/ family. Some of the rooms are  suitable for a woman coming on her own, others accommodate women who come with their children.

While living in the refuge you would  go about your daily life, for example taking your children to school, shopping, work etc. There is a secure door entry system but you will have your own key so  you can come and go as you please.

If you choose to come and live in refuge you will be asked to sign the following  Refuge Safety agreement:

1. For the safety of everyone living in refuge there will be NO MEN aged 16 yrs or over allowed in or around the refuge premises. Males will be allowed into the buiilding only for emergency services and essential repairsetc.If this is out with office hours a worker should be notified immediately by using the on-call pager service.. Any other non-emergency situation should be dealt with by contacting the worker on call e.g.(Police enquires etc.)

2. No alcohol or non prescribed drugs can be taken on the premises.

3. In order that everyone living and working in refuge feels safe, abusive behaviour or threats of abuse towards any woman, child or young person will be treated very seriously.

4. Workers must be notified when a room is not being occupied overnight.

5. For reasons of confidentiality and safety for all residents, no visitors are allowed in refuge.

6. We regret that we cannot accommodate pets in refuge.

7. As the refuge has communal areas, it is illegal to allow smoking in all areas except within resident's own bedrooms. We have air purifiers in all bedrooms.

8. Children should never be allowed to answer the door or buzzer , or be unattended in the laundry or close area for safety reasons.

9. Confidentiality of all other residents must be respected , and no information about other residents should be given out without their express agreement.It is important to be careful about taking photographs/ videos and ensure that you have express permission to circulate images of anyone in refuge.

10. Children/ Young People  should never be in refuge without an adult who has agreed to be responsible for them.

As the safety and security of everyone living in refuge is extremely important, breaching the Safety Agreement could lead to you being asked to leave refuge accommodation as this would be a breach of your Occupancy Agreement.

I have read and accept the safety agreement:



  We will talk to you more about this if you access refuge.

Workers are available during  office hours to offer support and information and we also have an on-call  service which operates 24 hours a day so refuge residents can always contact a  worker in an emergency.

Play sessions and support sessions are  also available for children and young people. There is a playroom within the  refuge and all children and young people are offered one-to-one sessions with a  worker and group sessions with other children or young people living in refuge.  Sometimes workers will also provide activities outwith the refuge.  Family daytrips are also organised throughout  some school holidays.

When you arrive at refuge there  will be some forms to fill in and workers are available to support you with  this. There are also regular refuge meetings when all women living in refuge  come together to discuss any issues about living in refuge. Women are also offered individual times for support.

Some women only stay in refuge a few days, others stay  for a longer period of time while they wait for legal orders, or to be re-housed.

For further information and support call 0141 952 8118