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Our aim is to provide safe  and confidential accommodation, information and support to women, children and  young people experiencing domestic abuse.

You do not have to be in an emergency situation to contact  Women's Aid. If you contact Womens Aid we can offer:

Once in refuge you can:

What if I  don't want to move to refuge/temporary accommodation? (link from FAQ below)

Not every one wants to stay in refuge, or leave the person who is abusing them.  If you want to leave but do not want to live in refuge we can support you in  finding other alternative accommodation. If you do not feel ready to leave your  partner but would still like someone to talk to about your options or to get  some support then you can drop-in to our office, telephone us or come and see  us at one of our community based drop ins (link to details of drop in venues and times). If you choose to  remain at home then we can still continue to support you. We can offer  information regarding your rights, safety planning and will support the  decisions you make. 

What will  happen once you contact Women's Aid?

Suggested Safety Plan

These  are our suggestions for safety planning