Supporting and working with women, children and young people since 1981
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About Us

Who  are Clydebank Women's Aid?        

Clydebank Women's Aid is not just about refuge. We  are a group of women who work together as a collective to provide support and  information to women, children and young people experiencing domestic abuse. We  can also provide refuge if this is appropriate, or seek other accommodation for  women who want this.  If you are a woman  who feels that she would like to speak to someone about her rights, get some  information, whether you are thinking about staying in a refuge for a short  period for some time to think, or if you are considering your options and  require some support or information to do this, you can contact us by phone,  email or you can drop in to our office or another outreach base for an informal  chat with one of the women who work here. If you are a child or a young person  who would like to know more, please click here for information for children and young people.

We will never tell any woman what to do, we will always  try to support you in the decisions you make.

History  of Clydebank Women's Aid

Clydebank  Women's Aid was formed in 1981 as part of a grassroots movement which was led by  a group of local women who had been involved in a Women's Health Day in  Faifley. From its inception Clydebank Women's Aid began lobbying and  campaigning and submitting funding applications while also starting to provide  a service for women experiencing Domestic Abuse by offering an evening phone  line service.  2 years later in 1983 the  group successfully secured Urban Aid funding for 3 years and were provided with  refuge accommodation. 

Since  1981 Clydebank Women's Aid has been committed to providing a non-judgmental,  empowering and supportive service for women, children and young people.  In 2007 Clydebank Women's Aid now has 2 Refuge Workers, 1  Refuge/ Admin Worker, 2 Resettlement Workers, 1 Support and Access Worker, and 3  Family Resource Workers who continue to strive to offer safe accommodation,  information and support to women, children and young people who have been or  are experiencing domestic abuse.

We  are part of the Scottish Women's Aid network which is a network of groups of  women who are concerned about domestic abuse, and many of us have experienced  abuse ourselves. Link to:

For further information and support call 0141 952 8118